LIFE HACK: Getting mental health care on the NHS

CW: NHS, poor health service, navigating a stressful health service, getting a mental illness diagnosis, mention of  suicide. Navigating bureaucratic systems, especially one such as the NHS, can be a headache. It’s an institution for the people, run by certain people. Now, anything I suggest in the following post is to be taken mildly tongue … Continue reading LIFE HACK: Getting mental health care on the NHS

Positive Masculinity

  There’s a reason why I try my hardest in life to not have a routine or schedule – taking a break. God damn it’s hard to get back into the swing of things you want to do after a few weeks of not really doing much (apart from turning a year older, a holibob … Continue reading Positive Masculinity

The skin I live in

CW: Mental Health, Mental Illness, Eating Disorders, Mental/Emotional Abuse, Childhood Trauma, Toxic Masculinity TW: Weight, Body Image, Body Dysmorphia, Mental Abuse, Abusive Slurs and Cusses, Familial Issues and Parental Problems. No, I’m not writing a review of the 2011 Pedro Almodóvar movie. Yes, I will eventually talk about my skin, albeit contextually different than a … Continue reading The skin I live in