I’m a freelance writer and content creator looking for work within the topics of:

  • Mental health (both experience of, and raising awareness)
  • Anti-racism (from a position of white-responsibility, not guilt)
  • Toxic masculinity (and how to dismantle it)
  • LGBTQIA+ and wider community
  • Speaking on life experiences of queerness and bisexuality

I am academically trained within the field of International Relations, minoring in European Languages (Spanish & French). This broad subject, as well as my special interests, affords me the ability to write across a vast number of genres and topics.

I bring energy, passion and empathy to my work. I am constantly inspired by the ever-changing world and saddened by those left behind. Looking forward to the opportunities that bring change and ensuring that my own position is one that can harness them and utilise them for the greater good.

If you’re interested in hiring me, please leave a message via the contact tab. Also, please check out my LinkedIn profile or request a copy of my CV.

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