This is a personal website and blog written by myself, Daniel.

This page contains my own thoughts, experiences and fictions. Where possible (and necessary) I always try to give credit to those that have influenced or contributed to anything I have posted.

That extends to any graphics, art, photography used. If I have not given the proper credit please contact me.

I am not an expert on anything I post, although I am educated and although I am educated I am not an expert. This is a blog to discuss, dissect and open up topics for a constructive, learning dialogue.

I always add CWs (content warnings) and TWs (trigger warnings) to ensure that people are aware of what they’re reading/watching/viewing. If, however, I fail to do so appropriately, please contact me and I will amend any post you see fit.

I post with sensitivity on topics such as racism, sexism, biphobia, transphobia, Antisemitism, Islamophobia, ableism, mental health and so forth. If you’re offended due to an opposing set of beliefs or if you are in disagreement with me, use the comments section to expand your mind and mine.

I will not respond to abuse, it is most likely I will out you and ridicule you via social media, my time is worth more than wiping away your tears.

For further questions, or if you have found this lacking, please contact me via the contact tab and I’ll do whatever I can to remedy the situation.